Demolition Grab AG12060

Demolition Grab

Both for the removal of brickwork or dismantling wooden structures, as well as sorting building materials – DMS Technologie’s indestructible Demolition Grabs are the ideal attachment to speed up your work.


The advantages of these grabs are their low profile, an optimal grabbing space between the grab jaws and light weight with extreme durability. This perfect combination is made possible by the patented hydraulic cylinder.

Technical data
Weight (incl. gripper drum) [kg]: 745
Operating pressure [bar]: 320
Closing force (at 220 bar) [kN]: 46
Torsional moment (at 220 bar) [Nm]: 4200
Load capacity [kg]: 12000
Volume [l]: 251
Recommended power density rotating [l]: 15-30
Recommended power density open/close [l]: 40-150


  • Fully encapsulated piston

  • Powerful rotator

  • Internally-routed oil channels

  • High quality bushings with long-term lubrication

  • Protected and easily accessible lubrication points

  • Reversible cutting edges