Electric Dumper

The ED 1000 Electric Dumper

Technology of the future now attainable through DMS.


The all-electric dumper, which can be used indoors without creating any air pollution, can also be used without restriction outdoors, resulting in unlimited application possibilities for the ED1000.


One of the dumper’s primary uses is demolition work in confined spaces. The machine doesn’t emit any exhaust fumes, thereby allowing for unlimited operating time. The very quiet operation of the dumper also makes it ideal for partial renovations, where other parts of the building are still being used during the construction period.


Moreover, the dumper is used when working in urban areas, residential areas and construction sites at night in order to reduce the encumbrance of construction noise and exhaust fumes.



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The advantages of the ED 1000
Remote Control (optional)
< 1 Meter wide
1 Tonne skip
No Fumes
No Noise
High Tip