Clamshell grab swinging GL6040P

DMS Clamshell grab


When excavating and digging trenches in highly-populated areas, the limited working space on the construction sites can create some serious challenges. You need a high-precision excavator attachement, allowing you to drop or pick up heavy materials in exact locations.
Both as a swinging grab and a fixed grab, DMS Technologie‘s Clamshell Grab is a versatile tool capable of mastering incredible challenges with remarkable precision. Like DMS‘s sorting and demolition grabs, the patented hydraulic cylinder once again offers the compact clamshell bucket with an excellent load capacity.

Technical data of the Clamshell Grab
Volume [l]: 70
Recommended power density rotating [l]: 6-25
Recommended power density open/close [l]: 30-45
Weight (excl. Rotator) [kg]: 119
Operating pressure [bar]: 250
Closing force [kN]: 20
Torque [Nm]: 1200
Carrier weight [kg]:
Number of teeth: 3
Technical drawing