The DMS softgrip makes it possible!

The Softgrip makes it possible! In the blink of an eye, change the DMS Sorting Grab into a Stone Grab! Within 60 seconds you have fixed the attachments to the Sorting Grab and can then transport material without further effort. The DMS Sorting Grab in combination with the Softgrip – Spare the material, the grab, and your wallet!

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1. Optimum grabbing space

2. Doesn't chip concrete and stone

3. More grip through high frictional resistance

DMS Sorting grab!
Placing natural rock and solid steps!

Technical Data
SG 2030SG 3535SG 3540SG 6040SG 9050
A in mm200226281281453
B in mm2717661
C in mm6107609509501200
D in mm300350400400500
Lifting capacity in kg200350600600900

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