Many excavators, especially compact excavators, are ex-works only available with a limited amount of options. If functions are needed beyond that, there is usually no solution offered. DMS Technologie has developed and produced conversion kits through many years, which make the upgrade of additional options a breeze.



  • a further proportionally selectional hydraulic circuit
  • a refueling pump
  • a grab shift

Use the joystick function “open/close bucket” for a hydraulic auxiliary circuit.


Beside the time saved in the assemblage and the excellent quality of the conversion, we offer numerous advantages in service as well. Service parts are available for all conversion kits, allowing our service to support our customers in every situation as quickly as possible.


Example: powertilt shift and hydraulic quick hitch

Powertilts, which enable the lateral turning of the attachments, are becoming increasingly popular. Particularly in combination with a hydraulic powertilt shift, their efficiency increases immensely.

In order to prevent that an upgrade of the excavator does not involve limitations to the original functionality, DMS Technologie provides conversion kits, which contain all required pipes, hydraulic hoses, outlets and controls, to incorporate the swivel motor and the hydraulic quick hitch perfectly to the excavator.


Thereby you extend the range of functions of the excavator, without resigning to former auxiliary circuits and without having to take your hands off the joystick to operate the swivel motor.


Example: Sorting grab

Grabs are a frequently used attachment with many advantages due to their versatility. To achieve the maximum efficiency for the usage of a gimballing suspended grab, the open/close bucket function, which is not required, in this case can be used to open and close the grab.

Conversion kits delivered by DMS Technologie allow this function at the touch of a button. By operating the respective controls, the second auxiliary circuit is selected with the right joystick instead of the bucket. Thus, the operation of the grab can be intuitively and tirelessly selected by the movement of the joystick. The conversion kit contains all necessary components ready-to-mount for the conversion such as outlets, pipes, switches and wiring harnesses. This allows for a simple, efficient and high-quality conversion.


Proportional selection of the auxiliary circuits

To use the excavator as a flexible carrier as is customary, it is obligatory that control circuits are available, which can be operated precisely and effortlessly.

On that account DMS Technologie offers two solutions:

  • Firstly, already existing control circuits can be upgraded with a proportional control, which then can be operated with the joystick by a slide bar.
  • Secondly, the upgrading of complete auxiliary circuits is possible, if another hydraulic circuit is necessary. By proportional selection, the functions of the attachments can be perfectly integrated into the course of movement of an excavator.


Special construction machinery

Do you need a construction machine for a very specific use? A remarkable alternative to expensive and costly single-unit production is to convert a construction machine of serial production. Because of a modern and powerful development department and own manufacturer, DMS Technologie has the ability to realize even the most complicated conversions. With our expert and vast knowledge we have realized numerous different projects e.g. radio remote control for excavators of various sizes, electric drive for construction machinery or protection concepts for machines in especially endangered areas of application. We are proud to be able to refer to many satisfied customers.