The new hybrid excavators from DMS are ideal for gutting, renovation and demolition work in confined or soundproof environments. In addition to the conventional diesel engine, they also have an electric motor and can be operated 100 percent emission-free.


Because the diesel engine remains completely intact, the excavators can be used as usual, which is a big advantage especially during loading and unloading. In electric mode (power-supply 400V/32A), the machine runs without limitations, with increased performance levels.


DMS – leader in motor technology for hybrid excavators

The hybrid excavators from DMS/Takeuchi set new standards in many respects. The innovative motor concept:

  • is easy to use
  • is maintenance-free
  • provides higher performance
  • reduces costs

In electric mode, all functions of the excavator are available – with 20 percent more power compared to the diesel engine. In this case, the compact electric motor is completely maintenance free. Thanks to the intelligent motor technology and control, the hydraulic pump can be powered directly. Thus, no gears are necessary to adjust speed and torque.


The operation of the hybrid excavator is intuitive: In electric mode, switching on and off can be done with the ignition key as well as the variable speed adjustment on the throttle. For easy access to maintenance points on the diesel engine, the complete electric engine unit can unlock without tools by using a handle, and be swung to the side.


Of course, our machines are delivered to you with CE marking and EU conformity declaration. Because we are convinced of the quality of our products, we offer a 24-month guarantee (see warranty conditions). As for our spare parts service, you can expect to receive all the components quickly and easily.

Technical data
Total weight: 1905 kg
Output diesel engine: 11.1 kW/2400 rpm
Output electric motor: 10.6 kW/2400 rpm
Electrical connection: 400 V/50 Hz Safeguard 32A


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