Swing Damper

When grab attachments are pendulum mounted on the excavator or truck crane, jerky movements to the left and right can sometimes provoke uncontrollable swinging momentum. The DMS Swing Damper helps to prevent uncontrolled swinging by adding friction directly at the joint. Perfectly matched to the DMS product range and precisely adjustable, our Swing Damper offers the perfect complement to your attachment.

Increased efficiency

Unwanted lateral momentum is avoided, allowing repetitive work steps to be performed more quickly.

Easier mounting

The Swing Damper will prevent the pendulum joint on the uncoupled grab from tilting to the side, making it easier to mount on the excavator arm or loader crane.

Pendelbremse DMS Technologie

Digging Grab
Compatible with Swing Damper

Digging Grab - GL3535P
1–3,5 t
Digging Grab - GL6040P
3,5–6 t
Digging Grab - GL9050P
6–9 t