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Loader Crane Digging Grab

The DMS Digging Grab is our efficient attachment solution for material excavation and many other application possibilities. Perfectly adapted to any work environment, our Digging Grab is available in three variants: Fixed mount or swinging mount with horizontal cylinder as well as swinging mount version with vertical cylinder. Both the horizontal and vertical variant have an optimal weight-to-capacity ratio thanks to our patented, compact design.


The swinging mount Digging Grab with horizontal or vertical cylinder is attached to the excavator arm by means of a pendulum joint and constantly aligns itself according to gravity. This reduces stress and ensures that the bucket volume is maximized at all times, for example when moving bulk materials.

The design with horizontal cylinder opens up possibilities for use as an all-round multi-purpose grab in addition to the standard digging function. The large opening width of the shells allows gripping objects of variable sizes, while the teeth can be equipped with all our multifunctional accessories.
The upright cylinder design is perfected for excavating pits and shafts as well as loading bulk cargo. Due to the special gripper geometry, the outer dimensions of the shells remain unchanged at all times and the closing force is during excavation is increased.
Produktion eines Grabgreifer
Piston protection

The fully encapsulated piston rod is permanently protected against external influences.

Internal oil supply

Our patented design eliminates the need for vulnerable hydraulic hoses in the work area.


Protected and easily accessible lubrication points simplify maintenance.

Modular bolt-on teeth

The teeth on the front edges can easily be removed or fitted with accessory parts.

Low maintenance bushings

Grease reservoirs incorporated into the brass bushings provide long-term lubrication.


Shells are reinforced with wear-resistant steel on sides and cutting edges.


Our accessories allow you to perfectly match your attachment to the carrier and expand the range of applications with increased functionality. Here you can get a complete overview of available attachment accessories.

DMS Digging Grab - experience our unique gripper technology in action

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