Tooth / Edge Conversion Kit

Your DMS grab is always waiting for a new challenge. That is why we have created the possibility to retrofit grabs with cutting edges or excavator teeth via perfectly adapted conversion kits. This will expand the range of applications: Teeth give our Demolition Grab better properties for loosening material or penetrating and tearing up soil. The durable cutting edges on our sorting grab will protect the shells when used for demolition and disassembly.

More flexibility

Perform more work steps with only one DMS attachment and save additional costs through multifunctional application.

Less wear and tear

With the equipment perfectly matched to each application, you'll benefit from low and consistent wear on your attachment.

Demolition Grab
Compatible with Tooth Conversion Kit

Demolition Grab - AG2030
1–2 t
Demolition Grab - AG3535
2–3,5 t
Demolition Grab - AG3540
2–3,5 t
Demolition Grab - AG6040
3,5–6 t
Demolition Grab - AG9050
6–9 t

Sorting Grab
Compatible with Edge Conversion Kit

Sorting Grab - SG2030
1–2 t
Sorting Grab - SG3535
2–3,5 t
Sorting Grab - SG3540
2–3,5 t
Sorting Grab - SG6040
3,5–6 t
Sorting Grab - SG9050
6–9 t

Delivery options

Tooth Conversion Kit
(Demolition Grab 1–9 t)

Edge Conversion Kit
(Sorting Grab 1–9 t)