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Excavator Blade Control

Levelling is a common task on construction sites. Conventional practical solutions are labour-intensive, costly and offer low accuracy. Technically complex and expensive systems such as 2D/3D control systems require trained specialist personnel and are display based, passive systems. The new DMS Excavator Blade Control for tracked excavators is the ultimate helper when levelling. In combination with a commercially available rotation laser, the system enables the excavator blade to be automatically controlled to the target height. The desired levelling is created by driving over the surface.

Preparation of
Levelling of
Laser receiver

/ Large reception area of 250mm
/ Clearly visible height display for monitoring
/ Robust impact protection
/ Rechargeable battery with 40h operating time
/ Integrated wireless interface

Side plates

/ High capacity for material movement
/ Simple assembly and disassembly
/ Robust construction
/ Works in forward and reverse drive


/ Spring-loaded kink point protects the laser receiver in the event of collisions
/ Simple set-up due to integrated scale
/ Simple assembly and disassembly

Installation kit

/ Installation in manufacturer quality
/ Enables several machines to be pre-equipped for alternating use of a laser receiver
/ Professional documentation ensures long-term operational reliability

DMS Excavator Blade Control in action

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