Our philosophy

Since the foundation of the company DMS Technologie in 2008, our products and reconstructions are characterized by this vision: Maximum efficiency of your construction machinery! There are two decisive factors:

  1. Cost of purchase and operating costs
  2. Utilization capacity

Products and reconstructions made by DMS Technologie are developed and produced with the objective to make off-the-shelf construction machinery as flexible and versatile as possible. While customers prefer to choose the equipment of a new machine according to their needs, manufacturers of construction machinery rather go for lean production by standardization. Therefore serial machinery often has limited available options. Hereby the idea of DMS takes effect: to develop conversion kits ready to install, as well as attachments, which remarkably increase the application range of your machine, so that the two factors, costs and capacity, have the optimal relation! In addition to the attachments, the conversion kits contain the necessary interfaces, which we provide to optimally connect the attachments with your construction machine.

What characterizes us

Whether you buy a product of DMS or take our services and attendance you will positively experience the principles which we committed ourselves to:


We focus on quality to offer durable and functional solutions to our customers. From development to production and final testing of our products (and conversions) we integrate the knowledge of persons who, by experience, know the tough requirements on a building site, and who can evaluate what is needed and suitable in practice.


DMS Technologie relies on a team of well-educated employees of many departments. The solutions which DMS Technologie offers are accordingly complete solutions that contain mechanic, hydraulic and electric components. We also control the acceptance and certification of our products and conversions.


We deliver what we promise! This applies to the durability of our products as well as our work and relationship to our customers. Therefore we take care to never let down our customers when choosing our partners and suppliers and while calculating our stocks!


Do you need a speedy special solution for your construction machinery? We know the demands that are placed on our customers and therefore prioritize the ability to provide quick-response action. This also is one of the reasons for our high vertical in manufacturing.