The efficient and powerful Demolition Grab from DMS Technologie shows its strength above all in deconstructive work such as the removal of masonry or the dismantling of wooden structures, but can be used as an all-rounder for many other applications as well. In addition to high closing force and an optimized gripping space, our patented cylinder technology also gives the grab a compact and extremely robust design.

Capacity [l] 76
Weight (without rotator) [kg] 199
Weight rotator [kg] 52
Operating pressure opening/closing [bar] 250
Operating pressure rotation [bar] 250
Recommended pump capacity rotation [l] 15–25
Recommended pump capacity opening/closing [l] 30–45
Closing force [kN] 20
Torque [Nm] 2500

Low profile

The grab has a low height both in closed and open position. The compact design ensures a perfect power-to-weight ratio.

Optimal grip

The space between the shells is very wide when opened and extremely compact in closed position. This enables gripping large and small diameter objects.

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Piston protection

The fully encapsulated piston rod is permanently protected against external influences.

Internal oil supply

Our patented design eliminates the need for vulnerable hydraulic hoses in the work area.


Protected and easily accessible lubrication points simplify maintenance.

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Reversible cutting edges

Steel blades along the cutting edge can be reversed for increased service life.

Low maintenance bushings

Grease reservoirs incorporated into the brass bushings provide long-term lubrication.


Shells are reinforced with wear-resistant steel on sides and cutting edges.

Innovation at the core

The specially developed DMS cylinder drive is the hydraulic heart of our grabs. Due to the double-acting plunger cylinder with oil pressure supply on both sides, the force generated for opening and closing is identical. Inside the cylinder, not only the piston rod is completely encapsulated and protected. The oil channels also run internally, eliminating the need for vulnerable hoses on the exterior.

With the horizontal alignment, ideal force transmission can be achieved at compact height, providing our grabs with a perfect power-to-weight ratio. With this design and technology, DMS creates ideal conditions for performance, robustness and durability.

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The Pipegrip as a practical attachment enables the gentle, precise positioning of rounded construction materials such as pipes or manhole rings. Pipegrip
Quickly and easily change from the cutting edge to the excavator tooth and back: The Tooth / Edge Conversion Kit opens up new possibilities for loosening material and excavation work. Tooth / Edge Conversion Kit