The DMS Screening Bucket is our reliable attachment solution when it comes to processing and reusing construction material. The lightweight design, based on a backhoe bucket, creates an optimal weight-to-capacity ratio and easily withstands the toughest conditions. Its sophisticated shaker drive requires only low hydraulic power and is completely maintenance-free over its entire service life.

Capacity [l] 1200
Height [mm] 1200
Width [mm] 1500
Weight [kg] 1440
Operating pressure [bar] 160
Hydraulic flow [l/min] 40
Screening size [mm] 30
Screening bars [Ø mm] 30
Lower cutting edge [mm] 30 × 500

Large volume capacity

The clever design achieves the largest possible bucket volume with low weight.

Quick adjustment

The adjustment of the shaker bars via a mechanism on the side can be done in three minutes.

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Adjustable grid size

Screening bars can be removed or added to individually adapt the shaker grid.


Shells are reinforced with wear-resistant steel on sides and cutting edges.

Automatic oil flow regulation

For maximum carrier compatibility, the oil pressure is regulated in the bucket.

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Maintenance-free drive

Shaker drive runs with permanent lubrication and high wear resistance.

DMS Screening Bucket in action

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