The DMS Wurzelratte® Stump Splitter is our practical solution for rootstock removal with the excavator. Thanks to the specially welded high-resistance steel, the attachment is extremely robust and can compensate the highest force effects. Wear and tear is minimized and the tool can be kept in perfect working condition by regularly sharpening the cutting edges. Compared with other equipment such as a stump grinder, the Wurzelratte® is cheaper both to purchase and to maintain. At the same time, more complete and thorough clearing, including primary and lateral roots, can be achieved. Your trust in the quality of the original Wurzelratte® will be rewarded with a 10-year warranty against cracking and breakage.

Height [mm] 450
Width [mm] 700
Weight including coupler [kg] 150

Narrow L hook shape

The compact and robust L-shaped design ensures minimal resistance while optimally transmitting the force.

Perfect cutting angle

The straight cutting edges on all sides are aligned at the perfect angle to effectively cut and split the wood.

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