The DMS Clamshell Grab for the loader crane offers the greatest possible efficiency in the loading and handling of bulk materials. The unique cylinder technology at its core gives the attachment extreme robustness and an ideal weight-to-volume ratio. The shells have been redesigned to hold large quantities of material and, with large volume, allow faster movement of a wide variety of cargo. Highly responsive control and tight sealing edges simplify the precise distribution of fine materials.

Capacity [l] 270
Weight (without rotator) [kg] 341
Weight rotator [kg] 29
Operating pressure opening/closing [bar] 280
Operating pressure rotation [bar] 280
Recommended pump capacity rotation [l] 6–25
Recommended pump capacity opening/closing [l] 40–80
Closing force [kN] 26
Torque [Nm] 1200

Maximum capacity

Loaded material is only compressed to a small extent and can evenly distribute itself between both shells. The large shell volume ensures efficient handling.

Sensitive control

The control system enables intuitive operation of the grab and precise crane movement at the same time. It is also capable of 'clattering' with the shells for precise distribution or backfilling work.


Piston protection

The fully encapsulated piston rod is permanently protected against external influences.

Internal oil supply

Our patented design eliminates the need for vulnerable hydraulic hoses in the work area.


Protected and easily accessible lubrication points simplify maintenance.


Low maintenance bushings

Grease reservoirs incorporated into the brass bushings provide long-term lubrication.


Shells are reinforced with wear-resistant steel on sides and cutting edges.

Innovation at the core

The specially developed DMS cylinder drive is the hydraulic heart of our grabs. Due to the double-acting plunger cylinder with oil pressure supply on both sides, the force generated for opening and closing is identical. Inside the cylinder, not only the piston rod is completely encapsulated and protected. The oil channels also run internally, eliminating the need for vulnerable hoses on the exterior.

With the horizontal alignment, ideal force transmission can be achieved at compact height, providing our grabs with a perfect power-to-weight ratio. With this design and technology, DMS creates ideal conditions for performance, robustness and durability.

Hydraulikzylinder als Herzstück bei DMS

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