The Manipulator from DMS Technologie enables a much safer and more efficient handling of drill rods on the construction site. Drill rods can be picked up and put down in both vertical and horizontal positions. The device is precisely adapted to the respective diameters and properties of the drill rods or foundation piles and replaces the expensive and time-consuming use of cranes or sling contraptions.

Height [mm] 1135
Width [mm] 713
Weight [kg] 560
Load capacity [kg] 500
Operating pressure [bar] 160
Clamping force [kN] 100
Min. load diameter [Ø mm] 100
Max. load diameter [Ø mm] 330

Optimized closing force

Surface and compression force of the closing mechanism are designed specifically for drilling rods.

Flexible handling

Movement of drilling rods is controlled with the standard tilt of the excavator.

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Counterbalance valve

Overcenter/counterbalance valve for securing loads even with pressure drop.

Pressure limitation

For maximum carrier compatibility, the oil pressure is regulated in the Manipulator.

Variable diameters

With added washer plates, segments of varying diameters can be clamped.

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